About Oliver

Hi, my name is Oliver. I'm a search marketing professional, online entrepreneur, and web developer. I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping shape their online marketing strategies and solutions. My development background, starting back in 1996, has enabled me to go beyond front-end strategies and immerse myself completely into a site's structure.

While I love what I do professionally, my most fulfilling positions in life are those of husband and father.

Recent Projects

Domains by Volume for Greasemonkey

Developed within Greasemonkey, an extremely powerful add-on for the Firefox web browser, Domains by Volume adds a simultaneous domain lookup component to Google's Adwords External keyword tool. Domains by Volume enables users to very quickly and easily find keyword based domains while researching keywords, eliminating many steps in between.

Domain Availability Firefox Extension

My Domain Availability Add-On for Firefox adds a search box to the bottom of your Firefox browser where a user can type in any domain to check availability instantly, without leaving the page they're viewing. Most other domain checking add-ons simply take the user to their site, while this add-on integrates it all right into the browser.

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